Sparletta Pinenut 400ml

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Ingredients: carbinated water;sugar;ctric acid;stabilisers;sodium citrate;flavouring;preservatives;sodium benzoate;non-nutritive sweeteners(acesulfame-k;sucralose);colourants(qiunoline yellow;sunset yellow;ponceau)


Nutrition: Energy kj per 100g 159

Energy kj per serving: 525

Fat g per 100g:0

Fat g per serving:0

Saturates g per 100g:0

Saturates g per serving:0

Sugars g per 100g:9.2

Sugars g per serving:30.5

Fibre g per 100g:0

Fibre g per serving:0

Protein g per 100g:0

Protein g per serving:0

Salt g per 100g:15.4

Salt g per serving:50.8

Carbohydrates g per 100g:  9.2

Carbohydrates g per serving:  30.5

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