Drywors Durban Curry 200g


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Try our amazing and delicious Droewors made by Jumbo Importers LTD

Ingredients: beef(90%);fat(10%);flavouring;salt;spices;herbs & spices;(E612) sheep casing;preservatives;sodium metabisuphite;dextrose;dehydrated vegetable (onion-irradiated);sodium erythorbate;vegetable oil (canola);milk;egg;soy;wheat gluten;sugar;(E260;E150;E415;E952;spices


Nutrition: Energy kj per 100g 1546

Energy kj per serving:

Fat g per 100g:16.5

Fat g per serving:

Saturates g per 100g:6.16

Saturates g per serving:

Sugars g per 100g:0.8

Sugars g per serving:

Fibre g per 100g:0.5

Fibre g per serving:

Protein g per 100g:54.1

Protein g per serving:

Salt g per 100g:2.32

Salt g per serving:

Carbohydrates g per 100g:  0.9

Carbohydrates g per serving:  

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